Year 9 Science Fair 2017

Last week Year 9 students presented a science fair to parents, teachers and the Ryde Mayor. Mrs Foot and the Science Department teachers led pupils to work on some amazing projects that were on show.

Pupils tested a number of theories including:

  • Tastebuds – Do different parts of your tongue sense different tastes?
  • Mentos and Cola – Do different brands of cola change the reaction?
  • Gummy Bears – What makes them expand?
  • Hovercrafts – How do different vehicles perform?
  • Egg Drop – How can we drop an egg safely?
  • Pizza Box Oven – Can a light and a pizza box be used to cook items?
  • Raspberry Pi – Using a mini computer to calculate angles of refraction.
  • Memory – Does age have an impact on your memory?
  • Sugar – How much sugar can be found in popular drinks?
  • Bubbleology – What makes the best bubble mix?
  • Colours on the brain – Can colours be used to help our brains?
  • Food – Does sound affect the taste of food?

Demonstrations of erupting volcanoes and exploding Mentos were giving during the afternoon.

Parent and teachers commented on how articulate the students were at explaining their projects and it was a very fun, engaging and educational event.