Gumdrop Challenge Winner

Last week during our STEM assemblies we launched a whole school gumdrop challenge. Students were given 10 gumdrops and 20 cocktail sticks, with these they had to build a structure to support the weight of a text book.

The activity was a huge success with pupils and staff working together in groups to carry out the engineering task, which encourages them to use STEM skills from their lessons in a fun way.

With so many amazing structures it was hard to decide on a winner, but it boiled down to two choices.

The runner up was from Mr Webster’s class who soon realised there were no rules with regards to the height of the structure and made this clever design that held lots of books!


The winning team, however, managed to hold a substantial amount of books using a 3-dimensional build, that adhered to the engineering rules stating triangles are stronger than squares. Well done Mr Dalimore’s class on your amazing creation!


Mr Nicholson has prizes for both the winner and the runner up and will bring them to you this week.