STEM Club Sensors

This week in STEM club students finished their excellent 3D city designs as it is the last meet before the end of the school year.

Looking at what we will be doing from September, we unboxed our new sensor parts for the BBC Micro:bits we use.


Whilst this may look like a mess of wires (which it is!), we started to piece together the various input and output devices we have to use.

Noise Sensors – Can be used to detect noise in a room or noise at a certain frequency.

Motion Detectors – Can detect movement, which in turn can trigger an event or action.

Moisture Sensors – Can be used to see if a plant needs watering and much more.

Buzzers – Used to alert people and make noise.

Servos – Used to physically moving parts, such as robotics or activating switches.

Water pumps – These work well with the water sensor to deliver water where needed.


To test the equipment we made a simple alarm system similar to a security system that you may see in school. The Micro:bit was programmed to detect activity on its gold input ports which had the sensor attached with crocodile clips. Once detected the program would tell the Micro:bit to sound the alarm.

A fun set of equipment that we look forward to using in the new school year.